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Using EFT Tapping for Traumatic Grief

An interview with Jennifer R. Levin, PhD

Suzanne Fageol

Jennifer Levin

Jennifer Levin, PhD

Dr Craig Weiner

Craig Weiner

Grieving is an emotionally difficult process. Working with client experiencing grief is a unique process and requires a safe, nurturing and skillful approach to supporting an individual through their healing process.

Traumatic grief is a form of grief that happens in response to a sudden, unexpected loss, whether it be the loss of a child, the sudden loss of a support system, the violent or unexpected death of a family member or friend. This type of grief is distinct from the grief that someone experiences with the loss of someone who has died from a long chronic illness.

EFT can serve as a powerful tool for supporting a person in navigating their way through this particular and unique type of grief. We will explore this topic with Jennifer Levin, PhD, a specialist in working with Grief and Traumatic Grief.

In this interview we will explore the nature of traumatic grief, what makes it unique, what are the triggers and patterns that often arise for this issue, what a grief attack is, what are potential indicators for referral, what the most important practitioner considerations are when working with this population and more.

Dr. Jennifer R. Levin specializes in working with adolescents, teens and adults experiencing traumatic grief and sudden loss. In 2000, Jennifer received her doctorate from the UCLA school of public health and, in 2014, she earned her master’s in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University. She is a recognized Fellow in Thanatology; the Study of Death, dying and bereavement from the Association of Death Education and Counseling.

Professionally Jennifer has served as the executive director of Hospice of Pasadena and taught at several California universities.  Jennifer provides trainings, consultation and crisis support to schools and community-based organizations experiencing bereavement and loss.  Jennifer is a licensed marriage and family therapist in CA and WA and specializes in working with clients living with chronic and terminal illness, sudden death and post traumatic growth.  In 2018, she launched her online program, From Grief to Growth and her signature course, Growing After Traumatic Loss, an online self-help course for individuals living with a sudden, unexpected loss.  In 2020, Dr. Levin started a not-for-profit organization - the San Gabriel Valley Grief Resource and Training Center which provides affordable grief therapy and is one of the few training sites for master level students to complete licensure hours and grief training in California.  She is also the host of the podcast Untethered:  Healing the Pain from a Sudden Death.

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These free interviews are provided for the purpose of educating the EFT and Tapping community on issues regarding the safe and effective ways to work with trauma. They are conducted by Craig Weiner and Suzanne Fageol, Directors of Tapping out of Trauma Training.

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