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Tapping Out of Trauma Continuing Education Seminars present:

A Deeper Look at Trauma, EFT and Working with Addictions

A Conversation with Adriana Popescu, PhD

Suzanne Fageol

Adriana Popescu

Adriana Popescu, PhD

Dr Craig Weiner

Craig Weiner

Many EFT practitioners work with clients who struggle with addictive behaviors or addictions to substances. We personally have trained addiction counselors and clinicians to integrate EFT into their practices. In our estimation, the majority of EFT practitioners have had minimal education and training to work with these clients. We feel it is important to bring you more awareness about how to work safely and effectively with this demographic. This is a biannual free offering by Tapping out of Trauma Trainings, so why and how is this topic related to trauma? I have never spoken to a practitioner who works with individuals suffering with addiction who have also not experienced a significant amount of trauma.

Despite the anecdotal experiences of many practitioners who find EFT to be effective for addictions, there is very little published research on the topic supporting its efficacy. One clinician who is committed to overcoming this lack of research and shift the tide for EFT's inclusion is Dr. Adriana Popescu. She is the Clinical Director at Avery Lane, a holistic treatment program for women with co-occurring disorders and trauma and the lead author of the study; Trauma-Based Energy Psychology Treatment Is Associated with Client Rehabilitation at an Addiction Clinic.

According to Gabor Mate, MD, "It is impossible to understand addiction without asking what relief the addict finds, or hopes to find, in the drug or the addictive behaviour."  Underneath the addictive behaviors lies a cause or source of experiences that for many reasons, and often the source of these attempts to find relief lie in the realm of childhood trauma. We are privileged to bring you a fabulous interview with this leading clinician, researcher, and author.

Here are some of the topics that we will be discussing:

  • We will find out more about Dr. Popescu, the Avery Lane Clinic treatment approaches and the psycho-physical-spiritual approach they have developed as a treatment center.
  • What the addictive brain is and the similarities, differences, and distinctions between this and the traumatized brain.
  • What the Stages of Change in addiction treatment are and how levels of readiness show up differently as clients progress in their treatment.
  • Why addiction treatment is a process of relapse and recovery and why are recidivism rates high.
  • What some of the most effective “doorways in” are and what aspects to consider when using EFT with addiction clients.
  • How the Avery Lane Clinic clinicians use EFT among other Energy Psychology methods for:  self-regulation and deeper trauma processing.
  • Given the risks when working with addictive persons, especially with substance abuse and what are scope of practice issues and other considerations for practitioners when working with this topic.
  • Dr. Popescu will explain the Higher Levels of Care that most practitioners may not be knowledgeable about when it comes to referring out clients for addictions.
  • The role of "Conscious Recovery" in recovery and how is this applicable to the Core False Beliefs that lie at the heart of much addiction.
  • Why EFT and Energy Psychology trauma informed therapies bring a greater state of hope for individuals struggling with finding treatment that works with addictions.

Who is Adriana Popescu, PhD?

Dr. Adriana Popescu is a clinical psychologist, speaker, author, and podcast host with 25 years of experience in the mental health field. She specializes in treating addictions and trauma and has directed many treatment programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the Founder/CEO of Firebird Healing, a trauma healing program, and the Clinical Director at Avery Lane, a holistic treatment program for women with co-occurring disorders and trauma.

Adriana has contributed to several books, including TJ Woodward's Conscious Being WorkbookConscious Recovery for Addiction and Conscious Recovery for Mental Health Workbooks, and the Conscious Creation Workbook, all of which she co-authored with him. Her own book, What If You’re Not as F***ed Up As You Think You Are? was released in 2022.

She has a private practice in San Francisco and travels around the world speaking, coaching, and facilitating transformational workshops. She also hosts a fascinating podcast called Kaleidoscope of Possibilities – Alternative Perspectives on Mental Health. With her work, Adriana loves to empower people to release their self-judgments, overcome their imagined limitations, and create a life of infinite possibilities.

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These free interviews are provided for the purpose of educating the EFT and Tapping community on issues regarding the safe and effective ways to work with trauma. They are conducted by Craig Weiner and Suzanne Fageol, Directors of Tapping out of Trauma Training.

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