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The Modern Trauma Toolkit; Nurturing Post-Traumatic Growth

An interview with Christy Gibson, MD

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Suzanne Fageol

Christy Gibson MD

Christy Gibson, MD

Dr Craig Weiner

Craig Weiner

Tapping out of Trauma Training presents Dr Christy Gibson, the author of the new highly acclaimed book, The Modern Trauma Toolkit.

Amid collective trauma, it helps to know that our bodies are built to respond to stress and what we might do to shift those reflexes. Having studied brain-based and body-based approaches to wellbeing, Dr. Christy Gibson teaches listeners how to embrace their innate power and catalyze community wisdom. Drawing on her work with people suffering from stress and societal challenges, Dr. Gibson shares practical and effective mental health advice you can personalize.

In clear and accessible language, The Modern Trauma Toolkit describes new theories in brain biology, such as the polyvagal theory and epigenetics, and explains how you can remodel your brain to achieve post-traumatic growth. While noting how particular communities face inequitable stressors, she empowers listeners to identify and harness their unique and cultural strengths. Dr. Gibson shares over forty activities that can be self-taught and practiced, including many based on her chapter on EFT.

One of the many wonderful book reviews includes this one from Gabor Mate, MD "Dr. Gibson's gem of a book is a succinct and penetrating primer on trauma and approaches to its treatment."

In this interview some of the many topics we explore together include:

  • Her inspiration and motivation for writing her book
  • Exploring her perspective on what are the key elements that create trauma, what is post-traumatic growth and what do practitioners most need to know when being trauma-informed
  • A discussion on her professional experience working with traumatized communities and how EFT and other Energy Psychology methods fare compared to other methods
  • What are some of the concerns/pitfalls and safety challenges for practitioners working with individuals who carry embodied trauma
  • An inquiry into the balance between therapeutic work with clients vs empowering clients through self care and self regulation?
  • What contributes and helps define the distinctions and overlap between individual and collective trauma?
  • What are different ways that communities of practice might look with regards to supporting post-traumatic resilience

Dr. Christy Gibson is a family physician, trauma therapist, and author of The Modern Trauma Toolkit (with Hachette Go). She’s also on social media as TikTokTraumaDoc with over 130k followers. She has a masters in medical education and is completing her doctorate, and has been involved in academics and education - creating Calgary’s fellowship in Health Equity. She runs an international non-profit Global Familymed Foundation, a cooperative, and a new company to train professionals how to manage workplace trauma - Safer Spaces Training.

Her websites:

These free interviews are provided for the purpose of educating the EFT and Tapping community on issues regarding the safe and effective ways to work with trauma. They are conducted by Craig Weiner and Suzanne Fageol, Directors of Tapping out of Trauma Training.

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